Why Drive Japan?

Why Drive Japan?  |  Why Road Trip?

Embarking on a rental car journey through Japan offers a unique blend of adventure, convenience, and deep cultural immersion. Unlike the structured itineraries of guided tours or the fixed schedules of public transportation, driving yourself unlocks unparalleled flexibility and the freedom to explore at your own pace.

Yet, planning a road trip, also known as “self-drive travel,” can be challenging and time-consuming. Drive Japan stands out as the only service dedicated to specializing in road trips!
With Drive Japan’s three features, you can enjoy a safe and wonderful road trip!

1. Find the best pre-planned itinerary from 300!

300 Pre-Planned Itineraries for Your Perfect Adventure
Discover your ideal journey from our selection of 300 pre-planned itineraries! Whether you prefer to explore “Hokkaido” or “Kyushu” or have a specific duration in mind (3-16 days), our itineraries cater to all preferences. Choose from three different travel paces and mileage levels to find the perfect itinerary for your adventure in Japan

Unveiling Hidden Gems by Car
Every itinerary is meticulously planned by Japanese road trip experts who have extensively explored all 47 prefectures of Japan. We guide you to renowned landmarks and hidden gems that are accessible only by car. Unlike Google Maps, which prioritizes the shortest distance, our routes emphasize scenic drives for a more enriching and enjoyable journey!

Ensuring Your Road Trip Security
Accidents and violations often result from careless or overly challenging itineraries planned by foreign travelers themselves. We personally drive each itinerary to ensure road safety and appropriate daily driving distances.

2. Fast and Convenient Bookings

Batch Booking
Planning a road trip often involves booking multiple hotels across different cities, which can be time-consuming. Drive Japan simplifies this process by recommending hotels along your itinerary. Once selected, you can book them all at once!

Secure Hotel Reservations with Expedia
Drive Japan partners with Expedia for secure bookings. All accommodations are arranged and billed through Expedia, ensuring peace of mind throughout your journey.

Up to 45% Exclusive Discounts for Road Trippers!
We recommend booking your rental car first. With your car booking ID, you can enjoy up to 45% off hotel stays! Many accommodations offer exclusive discounts for road trippers with rental car reservations, making it advantageous to plan your trip this way.

3. Perfect day-by-day Driving Map

Explore Freely
Prefer exploring freely when driving? We provide a customized daily map tailored to your chosen itinerary, with about 20 spots and restaurants, giving you flexible visit options!

Sample Original Map(Booking bonus gift!)

[Drive Map]Fukuoka-Yufuin/Beppu - Google マイマップ

Traveler-First Approach
We do not accept advertising fees from tourist attractions or restaurants. Our selected sights are chosen solely based on their appeal and our firsthand experience.

Effortless Parking
While Google Maps directs you to general locations such as temple grounds or lake centers, Drive Japan provides “parking MAPCODE” for your car’s GPS, leading you directly to convenient parking spots. Say goodbye to wasted time searching for parking!

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Drive Japan’s tailored navigation solutions, ensuring your journey across Japan is hassle-free and enjoyable from start to finish!

Why Drive Japan?  |  Why Road Trip?

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