20230515Rental car booking(Victria相談)


Rental Car Booking

Please rent a car with below “Rentalcars.com” link.

  • The abundant number of rental cars
  • Price comparisons with several major car rental companies
  • Free cancellation
*Please change the location and date by yourself
Pick-up & Drop-off Location Guide
  • New Chitose Airport
    The main international airport in Hokkaido. Recommended for Pick-up.
    If you arrive after 14:00, consider staying overnight around the airport or in Sapporo and departing the next morning.
    It takes 1 hour to Sapporo station by train.
  • Sapporo City
    The capital and biggest city in Hokkaido. Most car rental shops are located around Sapporo Station.
Important reminder for renting a car
  • GPS(Car Navigation System)
    MAPCODE from Drive Japan navigates you precisely to the parking lot. GPS from major car rental companies(Nippon, ORIX, Nissan, Times) are always MAPCODE compatible. However, if you are renting a car from another company, we recommend that you check with the rental company after making a reservation, just to be sure.
  • One-way Rental
    You can rent at New Chitose Airport and return at Sapporo Station, and vice versa. Normally, the one-way charge is about JPY2000 only.
  • Child Sheet
    In Japan, the use of a child safety seat or baby seat is mandatory for children under 5 years old.
    Be sure to request one from “Extras”.
  • Snow Tire
    If you travel from the beginning of November to the end of April, you must book a car with snow tires. It should be installed without requests from rental car companies in Hokkaido, but if you are concerned, you can double-check with them after making a reservation.
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